[Guest Post] Benefits of Detox Drinks for Your Skin and Body

girl drinking healthy green detox drinks asian dieting

Detoxifying your body mainly impacts your health and can help your skin and body heal. The trend isn’t new and has been a part of various cultures for centuries from the Romans and Greeks to the Chinese and Indian medical systems.

The recent trend has shifted to detox diets and plans that claim quick weight-loss within weeks. But promoting the loss of those extra pounds isn’t the only purpose behind detoxification. In fact, the process is beneficial for removing harmful substances (toxins) from your body. There are tons of other benefits of detoxification of the body, but before we highlight those let’s discuss a little about what detoxification is and what are some simple ways to detoxify your body.

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The Most Impressive Health Benefits of Calamansi Juice

sliced calamansi fruit that can be used for calamansi juice

I most recently got back from a trip to Boracay island in the Philippines with my girlfriend. We had an absolute blast exploring the island, laying out on the beach, and, most importantly, eating to our heart’s desire. One thing we noticed as soon as we got to Boracay were number of stores, restaurants, and even bars offering calamansi as part of their menu. You’d see it everywhere from calamansi juice to even calamansi muffins!

But what is calamansi? Once we discovered this magical little fruit and the health benefits that come with it, nothing was stopping us. We ended up drinking calamansi juice or squeezing it on our food almost everyday! This is the reason why I wanted to share with you all the wonderful world of calamansi and its impressive health benefits.

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12 Essential Ingredients for the Best Bibimbap Recipe Ever

korean bibimbap bowl

Whenever I think of healthy and wholesome food, Korean cuisine always seems to top the list. The use of lean proteins alongside a boatload of healthy fermented vegetables or side dishes just does a body good. It’s almost astonishing the sheer amount of pungent flavors Korean food is able to achieve using such simple and healthy ingredients.One of the most quintessential Korean dishes that includes all of these distinct flavor profiles is bibimbap.

For those that are new to Korean food, bibimbap is a mixed beef and vegetable bowl that pretty much hits all of your nutritional values in one dish. However, not much is known about bibimbap or how easy it is to make for yourself right in your home! Today, we’re going to go over what makes this dish super healthy and some of the essential ingredients to make the best bibimbap recipe ever!

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Why Turmeric Can Supercharge Your Health (Hint: It’s Not Just For Curry)

Dried turmeric root sitting in a white bowl

Asian Dieters! First off, I owe everyone here a massive apology for the ridiculously long radio silence. Life just got in the way and things were running at full speed. One of the casualties that had to go on the back burner was this blog (and probably a few friends/social acquaintances) since work has me traveling all around the globe. Now that I got some of my footing back, I promise to dedicate more time and effort to our community!

Phew. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s start digging into what I meant with the title headline. A few months ago, I just completely hit rock bottom in terms of dieting and keeping up at the gym (I’m only human hehe). Well, after a long lay off at the gym, I finally mustered up the courage to show my face around there. Things were…a tad difficult to say the least.

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Why You Need to Stop Drinking Ice Water Immediately

Clear glass with ice cubes and water being poured in

It’s the dead heat of summer and the first thing you probably want to drink after being outside all day is a nice cold glass of beer ice water. There’s something strangely satisfying by drinking freezing ice water to help cool off my body when it’s hot. What if I told you that drinking cold water is actually bad for you and the only real drink you should consume is…you guessed it, hot water. According to traditional Chinese dietary beliefs, drinking hot water is perfect for correcting indigestion, physical ailments, food stagnation, etc.

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Why Kimchi is Considered To Be a Superfood

kimchi with red sauce

Have you ever tried Korean food? If so, you might noticed that your meals come with a ton of free side dishes called “banchan (반찬)”. Banchan usually consists of various vegetables, nuts, lean meats, or even fish. However, no Korean meal is complete without the main star of the show…Kimchi! Koreans have been eating this side dish for thousands of years and was recently named as one of the World’s Healthiest Foods. Today, we will discuss the incredible health benefits of Kimchi and why you should consider incorporating this potent food into your diet.

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