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Dieting is good for overall wellness and health

Welcome to the Asian Dieting blog — the no. 1 resource to help you achieve your health, weight loss, and wellbeing goals! Whether you found this page through a friend, online search, or simply by accident, you’ve come to the best place to learn more about how Asian health and lifestyle secrets can make long term impacts on your health.

What is Dieting?

The word ‘diet’ or ‘dieting’ does not only pertain to food and weight loss. In fact, this term was defined by the Ancient Greeks as a mode of living or life sustainment. This term encompasses all facets of healthy living, such as clean eating, exercise, stress relief, medicine, etc. In other words, dieting should be more of a lifestyle, rather than something we decide to do to look good in our bathing suits.

These days, mass commercialized food industries and corporations are the biggest culprits in misleading the general population about nutrition and healthy living. These companies do an incredible job of promoting their products as low fat, sugar free, low carb, etc. through clever marketing and recurring advertisements to brand themselves as “healthy” options. Nothing kills me more than to see an uneducated eater ordering a large Big Mac burger set with an ice cream sundae, but tops it all off with a diet soda to help relieve the caloric impact. This way of thinking needs to stop and we all need to look for more proven methods to live a healthier lifestyle.

Introducing the Asian Dieting Blog

The Asian Dieting blog’s mission is to help eliminate the rampant miseducation of nutrition that surrounds us everyday and to help others take control of their health by using Asian dieting techniques. It’s a proven fact that Asian people are generally healthier and live longer than any race in the world. Various Asian cultures have instilled healthy dieting through eating whole organic foods, practicing self meditation, and using herbal medicine for thousands of years. My goal is to help bring these techniques and way of life to the forefront.

About Me

My name is Joey and I wanted to start this blog to help others achieve health, happiness, and well being through Asian Dieting techniques. Growing up as an Asian American, I was always influenced by Asian food and medicine; however, I intentionally chose to adapt myself into more American style culture and diet. What I learned is how misguided I was on what media, news, and major food corporations were brainwashing me as “healthy” food options. This led to a constant battle with my weight, self confidence, and, ultimately, my health.

I was recently diagnosed with an inflamed stomach that has led to gastritis, which was primarily caused by poor dieting methods. What I thought was healthy was actually hurting me a lot. This is when I decided to embrace Asian Dieting and learned to control my bad habits, maintain a healthy weight, and improve my overall well being. Going through this journey has inspired me to share with the rest of the world. Follow my blog to learn more about Asian Dieting secrets for a happier and healthier life!