10 Must Have (Secret) Tools for Healthy Dieting

chopping board with various healthy vegetables

Here at Asian Dieting, we try our best to provide some helpful tips to get your health journey kickstarted. We do get a lot of emails asking us interesting questions, such as, “what type of pot do I need to cook [X food]?” or “what type of kitchen tools do you actually use at home?” This gave us a great idea to write an all-encompassing article that covers some of the basic necessities and must own items for our Asian Dieting kitchens. Let’s get started!

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Why Turmeric Can Supercharge Your Health (Hint: It’s Not Just For Curry)

Dried turmeric root sitting in a white bowl

Asian Dieters! First off, I owe everyone here a massive apology for the ridiculously long radio silence. Life just got in the way and things were running at full speed. One of the casualties that had to go on the back burner was this blog (and probably a few friends/social acquaintances) since work has me traveling all around the globe. Now that I got some of my footing back, I promise to dedicate more time and effort to our community!

Phew. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s start digging into what I meant with the title headline. A few months ago, I just completely hit rock bottom in terms of dieting and keeping up at the gym (I’m only human hehe). Well, after a long lay off at the gym, I finally mustered up the courage to show my face around there. Things were…a tad difficult to say the least.

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