This is the ONLY Real Weight Loss Guide You Need to Read

Girl with pink tank top showing her abs

Weight loss isn’t all that complicated and is relatively easy to achieve. The most effective weight loss secrets actually begin with science and an understanding of how the body works, but this information is not nearly as widespread or organized as it should be. Until now. We’re going to dig deep in this step by step guide to teach you the true ins and outs of how the body treats weight loss and give you the ultimate leg up on how to use this to your advantage. Let’s get started!

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10 Must Have (Secret) Tools for Healthy Dieting

chopping board with various healthy vegetables

Here at Asian Dieting, we try our best to provide some helpful tips to get your health journey kickstarted. We do get a lot of emails asking us interesting questions, such as, “what type of pot do I need to cook [X food]?” or “what type of kitchen tools do you actually use at home?” This gave us a great idea to write an all-encompassing article that covers some of the basic necessities and must own items for our Asian Dieting kitchens. Let’s get started!

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Why Turmeric Can Supercharge Your Health (Hint: It’s Not Just For Curry)

Dried turmeric root sitting in a white bowl

Asian Dieters! First off, I owe everyone here a massive apology for the ridiculously long radio silence. Life just got in the way and things were running at full speed. One of the casualties that had to go on the back burner was this blog (and probably a few friends/social acquaintances) since work has me traveling all around the globe. Now that I got some of my footing back, I promise to dedicate more time and effort to our community!

Phew. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s start digging into what I meant with the title headline. A few months ago, I just completely hit rock bottom in terms of dieting and keeping up at the gym (I’m only human hehe). Well, after a long lay off at the gym, I finally mustered up the courage to show my face around there. Things were…a tad difficult to say the least.

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5 Must Try Yoga Poses for a Happy and Healthy Life

Yoga. Just reading that word probably conjures up thoughts of confusion, apprehension, misunderstanding, etc. It sure did for me before I started to actually take time to learn more about what the fuss is all about. Yoga sometimes can steer people away due to the crazy poses, stretches, and ridiculously beautiful/fit people who seem to have mastered this fine art. People that considered themselves to be fanatics lived and breathed yoga, which I, to be honest, found to be a bit obnoxious and a bit intimidating. But once I started to face some health issues, particularly with anxiety, stress, and depression, I found yoga to be extremely helpful in my everyday life. The only issue was that I didn’t know where to turn to and how to even get started. This took a lot of research on my own personal end, but I’m glad to share the knowledge. As a normal Joe Schmoe, I’d like to formally introduce those who are interested in the idea of yoga to learn more and how to get started.

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Warm Up Your Winter With Some Ginger

brown ginger root on a table sliced open showing yellow inside next to powdered ginger

Hey, Asian Dieting friends! It’s been a long while since my last post, but I haven’t forgotten about any of you. Life, as always, keeps me busy and these days seem to be more about rest, relaxation, and hibernation due to the weather. Depending on what part of the world you live, winter is always a struggle to get through, but with it comes some great opportunities to try different types of food or drinks that you normally wouldn’t try during the warmer months. One of the best things that I love incorporating into my life every¬†winter season is ginger. There are countless number of health benefits of ginger and I personally recommend everyone giving it a try!

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Why You Need to Stop Drinking Ice Water Immediately

Clear glass with ice cubes and water being poured in

It’s the dead heat of summer and the first thing you probably want to drink after being outside all day is a nice cold glass of beer ice water. There’s something strangely satisfying by drinking freezing ice water to help cool off my body when it’s hot. What if I told you that drinking cold water is actually bad for you and the only real drink you should consume is…you guessed it, hot water. According to traditional Chinese dietary beliefs, drinking hot water is perfect for correcting indigestion, physical ailments, food stagnation, etc.

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