[Guest Post] 10 Weight Loss Friendly Foods to Add to Your Diet

bowl of yogurt with fruits and nuts

A nutritious diet is a foundation for good health. Your body needs a combination of essential nutrients to function correctly, but it’s not always easy figuring out which are the most weight loss friendly foods to eat. Also, controlling our cravings can be difficult, so it’s important to strike a balance between health and taste.

It’s important to ensure that we still eat a diet that contains vital nutrients, but some strict diet plans, such as the HCG diet, might not fulfill your dietary requirements. Today, we’re going to teach you which foods will aid in weight loss, but also give you some wiggle room to become a foundation for delicious diet plans.

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The Most Impressive Health Benefits of Calamansi Juice

sliced calamansi fruit that can be used for calamansi juice

I most recently got back from a trip to Boracay island in the Philippines with my girlfriend. We had an absolute blast exploring the island, laying out on the beach, and, most importantly, eating to our heart’s desire. One thing we noticed as soon as we got to Boracay were number of stores, restaurants, and even bars offering calamansi as part of their menu. You’d see it everywhere from calamansi juice to even calamansi muffins!

But what is calamansi? Once we discovered this magical little fruit and the health benefits that come with it, nothing was stopping us. We ended up drinking calamansi juice or squeezing it on our food almost everyday! This is the reason why I wanted to share with you all the wonderful world of calamansi and its impressive health benefits.

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Year End Review: Biggest Fad Diets of 2017

white ceramic bowl of salad being presented with two hands as a fad diet

It’s that time of the year again, folks! The end of 2017 is fast approaching and the one thing everyone hates to do is to look back at our biggest weight loss achievements and regrets. Most of us are usually left wondering what went wrong by the time December rolls around (well, at least I know I do).

The biggest culprits seem to be these fad diets that come around each year, but they usually leave us feeling empty handed. And this year was no exception. Today, we’re going to examine some of the biggest fad diets of 2017 and see which ones could or could not work in the long term. Let’s get it going!

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12 Essential Ingredients for the Best Bibimbap Recipe Ever

korean bibimbap bowl

Whenever I think of healthy and wholesome food, Korean cuisine always seems to top the list. The use of lean proteins alongside a boatload of healthy fermented vegetables or side dishes just does a body good. It’s almost astonishing the sheer amount of pungent flavors Korean food is able to achieve using such simple and healthy ingredients.One of the most quintessential Korean dishes that includes all of these distinct flavor profiles is bibimbap.

For those that are new to Korean food, bibimbap is a mixed beef and vegetable bowl that pretty much hits all of your nutritional values in one dish. However, not much is known about bibimbap or how easy it is to make for yourself right in your home! Today, we’re going to go over what makes this dish super healthy and some of the essential ingredients to make the best bibimbap recipe ever!

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This is the ONLY Real Weight Loss Guide You Need to Read

Girl with pink tank top showing her abs

Weight loss isn’t all that complicated and is relatively easy to achieve. The most effective weight loss secrets actually begin with science and an understanding of how the body works, but this information is not nearly as widespread or organized as it should be. Until now. We’re going to dig deep in this step by step guide to teach you the true ins and outs of how the body treats weight loss and give you the ultimate leg up on how to use this to your advantage. Let’s get started!

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10 Must Have (Secret) Tools for Healthy Dieting

chopping board with various healthy vegetables

Here at Asian Dieting, we try our best to provide some helpful tips to get your health journey kickstarted. We do get a lot of emails asking us interesting questions, such as, “what type of pot do I need to cook [X food]?” or “what type of kitchen tools do you actually use at home?” This gave us a great idea to write an all-encompassing article that covers some of the basic necessities and must own items for our Asian Dieting kitchens. Let’s get started!

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